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[1] Seasoning course 10 items 6480 yen - Menu of November ~

By using a coupon6480 yen

All-you-can-drink for 120 minutes at + 1620 yen

  • 10items
  • 2-50persons
Reservation deadline
Until 15 o'clock on the desired date of visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

A special limited-term course that allows you to taste the ingredients of Miyagi's home town! It is recommended for various banquets and guest reception from outside the prefecture.

Course menu

■■■ Menu of November ■■■

【Prefix】 Tataki of Princess Yamato

Bowl broth and soy sauce

【Appetizer】 Assorted seasonal appetizers 5 points

· Okra and octopus with chrysanthemum flower

·Boiled astringent skin of chestnut

· Duck roast

· Flower rolls

· Pickled red salmon

【Buying】 <Specialty !!> Baked frost building

Kaori Hirafuta Yuba


【Small pot】 <Special product!>> Kaname Sna Shabu Small Pan

Pot and vegetable set

【Baked goods】 <Specialty !!> Beef tongue thick cutting charcoal grill

Nanban miso lemon pickles

Deep fried fried fish

Maruzen Blue Tang Lemon

【Steam】 Chrysanthemum Bun

【Vinegar matter】 Autumn sweet vinegar death


【Food】 Sendai Miso Grilled Onigiri


【Sweet taste】 Chocolat cocoa

※ For the convenience of purchasing, the content of the menu may change.

※ Course for 2 people ~

※ All you can drink is OK at + 1620 yen (3 people ~).

2018/10/25 update